We haven’t known each other long in this lifetime, yet seem to know each other incredibly well. Our souls were attracted to each other from the start and we knew early on that we’d do incredible things together. Our shared vision to bring a wellness center to Southeast Minnesota was on both of our hearts. We’ve both tried different careers, side hustles, and professions before realizing our purpose in life is to help others become reacquainted and connected with their bodies and souls. We’ve been in the rat race and been "human givers" to the point of exhaustion. 

We're Bobbi & Lydia, partners-in-healing, and together, we've created the Harmony Wellness & Yoga Center. 


Our goal is to empower our community towards whole-person health and wellness by providing therapies and services that enhance the mind-body-soul connection of the individual, family, and community in an accessible and welcoming environment.

How We Serve Our Community

Life Coaching

Discover how to love yourself first with client-led coaching.



Connect your body, breath, and mind through movement.


Reiki Energy Healing

Ready to relax and reduce stress so your body can focus on healing? 




True Self-care is not about salt baths & chocolate cake. It is making the choice to build a life you don't need to regularly escape from.

~ Brianna Wiest


How do you speak to yourself? Do you speak love, or do you criticize yourself more than anyone else does? This workbook leads you through recognizing your negative self-talk and the stories that you believe about yourself, and others that are false, so you can then start shifting your mindset to one of unconditional love and acceptance for yourself. 

by lydia lazzara

Releasing Negative Self-Talk & False Stories: Workbook & Journal

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